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Dynasty Batteries 2


Dynasty Telecommunication (Telcom) batteries are the right batteries to backup your telecommunication systems. Dependability means preparation for the unexpected. People demand dependability from your phone systems. That's why, when unexpected power outages occur, you need a Dynasty backup power system that won't let them down.

With a broad selection of lead-acid batteries specifically designed for telecommunications applications, Dynasty long duration batteries offer the right choice for your specific standby power needs.

Long duration batteries supply power on-demand, long life, low maintenance and safety.

Dynasty flame retardant containers and covers meet Bellcore standards for flame retardancy and UL94 V-0 standards.

Dynasty Long duration batteries range in size (at the eight-hour rating) from 12-volt 24- ampere hour to 12-volt 125-ampere hour and 6-volt 180-ampere hour.

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